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Privacy Policy

In www.yescarhire.co.za hereby empowers isolation to any or all its users. This Privacy Policy is updated without previous notice. The policy is posted in this web site for the advice as well as guidance.

Which you simply must remember the website accumulates the guidance and critical information about you divulged is subject. You browse your website and will get access.

Your bill could file and benefit from the web site unless the law requires the site to reveal those but your identity is not going to ever be revealed and can’t stay public.

The data like age, name, email, gender, employment, income among others are furnished but isn’t going to be utilized by other third party businesses. Examining visitors and traffic dispositions, IP addresses to the page of the website, your private details are collected but others may be maintained to be great for purposeful and non-malicious goals.

Any information that has been collected in this web site may also be transferred but the acquirers additionally can still employ and keep the privacy policies.